A. Access to inclusive and quality education for every child

  • Regardless of disability, income, race/ethnicity, gender

B. Positive school experiences

  • Respect and kindness for our children and our educators
  • Art, music, theater
  • Enrichment programs that nurture the academic experience
  • Exciting, dynamic and fun school experiences
  • Empowering teachers and administrators to be creative architects to design and adapt educational implementation to the needs of their schools, students and individual learners.
  • Appropriate and progressive evidenced based strategies for learning, behavior management and social development.

C.  Integrated and cooperative communities

  • Parent/family/community involvement encouraged and supported. Schools are creative about incorporating families/community stakeholders into structure of school taking into consideration the population the school serves.


A. Advocacy

  • Using solution focused, action­oriented steps
  • Educating parents, students, taxpayers, administrators, teachers, school board
  • Visibility through social media, outreach to other groups, establishing and maintaining a public profile
  • Advocating for public schools
  • At the State level

B. Community Building

  • Recruiting parents, teachers and local education institutions (SCAD, Armstrong, SSU)
  • Investing in meaningful relationships through both formal and informal meetings
  • Collaboration between groups already working in advocacy in Savannah and helping to make connections
  • d. Building a working relationship with the School Board and School Administrators

C. Engaging disengaged populations

  • Empowering those who previously are disenfranchised

D. Supporting teachers

  • Empowering teachers to participate without fear of retribution
  • Supporting teachers to acquire appropriate and relevant training.
  • Supporting teachers in their efforts to secure supports, materials, mentoring and compensation

Voices for Schools takes solution-focused, action oriented steps to address the needs of the Savannah Chatham County Public School System.

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